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region the kospi is up about.9%. in australia the benchmark index is up there about .4. it's intel outside for the boss of the major u.s. jet maker who is taking early retirement. intel has struggled in the global shift. intel officials announced on monday that paul otalini will retire next may. they have started selecting his replacement. he became the fifth ceo in 2005. he built closer ties with apple. int intel's growth slowed as it fell behind in smartphones. intel saw its market value this month beat out by its rival. china has postponed the japanese merger for a third time. they are having to put off plan consolidation of their ship buildings operations. they are waiting on approval anti-trust officials from japan's second large largest shipbuilder say they will postpone their merger until january 1st. the shipbuilders are required. chinese officials have not completed the paper work. they are reportedly failing to respond to the japanese firms. there's falling global demand for ships. the two builders plan to merge to help them design energy efficient vessels. t
at the tokyo stock exchange. >>> well, its intel outside to the chip maker taking a move from the market. intel officials announced that paul will retire next may at a general shareholders meeting. the company says it has started selecting its replacement. he became intel's fifth ceo in 2005. he expanded the firm's semiconductor business by building closer ties with rival apple. he also took the post of google's outside director. but intel's growth slowed as it fell behind in the smart phone and tablet sectors. the firm suffered further when its man partner microsoft decided to source chips from other makers. intel saw the market this month beaten out by rival qualcomm. that is all for me for now. i'll leave you with the market f figures in asia. >>> chinese communist party leaders are highlighting their efforts to stamp out corruption. they say over the past five years they've punished about 670,000 officials for abuse of power. the state-run xinhua news agency sads there were corruption cases over the past five years. officials took bribes totaling more than $3.5 billion. the communist party'
four decades at the helm of intel, ceo paul otellini will retire in may. during his tenure at the world's largest chip-maker, otellini saw both highs and some lows. intel dominated desktop and personal computing, but fell behind in the era of tablets and smartphones. intel has seen its fortunes with that section of the market improve, but still lags. however, intel did continue to set sales and profit records in 2011. intel's board of directors will look at both internal and external candidates to replace otellini. it's hello ruby tuesday for jj buettgen. he's leaving his post as chief marketing officer at darden restaurants to become president and ceo of ruby tuesday. he starts the job december 1st. ruby tuesday's shares ralied more than 3% on monday. in arizona today, state officials will perform their final inspection of that state's first medical marijuana dispensary. and there's a particular stock that is capturing wall street's attention: medical marijuana inc. is the first publicly traded company and its stock has risen more than 300% in the last several thanksgiving travel might
was constructive. we see headlines that may bring news to other companies. intel ceo paul otellini to retire. >> during this period where a lot of companies moved toward mobile, was not pioneer mobile. arm holdings to go a bunch of shares. this may be a positive -- viewed as positive for intel. >> they will conduct a search or process to choose otellini's successor. will consider internal and external candidates. he's been at the company for 40 years. only the fifth ceo in 50 years. a company has had long service from those in its ceo position. again, he will step down at the annual meeting taking place in may at which point we'll learn who his successor will be giving them six months or so to figure that out. >> they managed to destroy. that's what they did. in the end they are in a hewlett packard, dell based system. if you go to what jobs said over and over before he passed away. this is not a company i can make a deal with. i can't work with them. rather work with samsung. >> to your point of maybe this doesn't make a difference, we've seen the stock decline. it's at a place in the tech
. erika miller, "nightly business report," new york. >> susie: intel c.e.o. paul ottelini is retiring in may of next year, a few years earlier than expected. intel said today it will consider candidates from inside and outside of the company. and, as suzanne pratt reports the management change comes as the chipmaker grapples with weak mand for personal computers. >> reporter: paul otellini has spent four decades at intel, eight of those years in the corner office. and it has been during his tenure at the top that the industry has shifted toward mobile computing and away from pcs. the problem for intel is that its chips are mostly used in computers, not in the increasingly more popular smartphones and tablets. >> ottelini was seen i think as a little bit late to the party in getting into mobile and into smartphones. and, it's possible that his successor will move a lot faster and be more aggressive. >> reporter: the next c.e.o. will need to figure out how intel can catch up. he or she will also need to boost the company's struggling stock price. so far this year, the shares have lost 1
'm sure as well. david faber, thank you very much >>> former intel ceo craig barrett will weigh in on hewlett packer's problems and several other big topics in tech and beyond, including the fiscal cliff, coming up in about ten minutes, michelle. >> tyler, david hinted at this oothmy software problem a surprise to many but not to a frequent cnbc guest and short investors, jim chain knows. this was what he said at cnbc's delivering alpha conference in july. >> the reason we got interested in hewlett-packard was not only the macrostuff, one of our biggest positions was autonomy. in lon done the short side a year ago. hewlett-packard bought this for $11 billions, a rollup of software service accounts, the accounting was absolutely dreadful, a disaster. they did almost no due diligence on the deal. it closed quickly. oracle was shown the deal and passed. within seven moment, the ceo and a number of stock people left. >> jim chain knows was certainly right on the money there john what else do you think he is bright and see other choos dropped? >> talked about what he calls value trap
with the exception of intel going to reread a few times has been green. so you are seeing buying across the board. we have also seen bank of america a real leader on the dow jones industrial. getting an upgrade. but take a look at the other financials as well on a day when the fear index is to the downside, the dollar is weaker. also getting the opportunity for equities and commodities to take off. i look at bank of america. $9.43 per share, up over 3%. you can see citigroup up over 3%. all of these financials without arrows, guys. a great day on wall street if you're bullish and long on this market. lori: about time. melissa: president obama congressional leaders came out of the meeting with positive comments. calling business leaders in hopes of drumming up additional support. rich edson with the latest on that. >> one potential this solution would be towed forward to next year to ensure congress acted, to feature benchmarks and penalties, those penalties would be automatic revenue increases and spending cuts. sounds a lot like those in the . a second sequester grabbing traction. while on air force
to increase productivity without losing jobs, it's a concept called smart manufacturing. intell, the chip-making giant, says it has the numbers to prove it is working. automation has not only allowed them to expand their domestic operations, but increase employment in the community at large. for every one job at intell, four more were created at other firms. those workers made nearly twice what they would have had intel done business elsewhere. >>> if you like the sun, roberta has got that. if you like the rain, roberta has got that. >> and if you like the cooler temperatures, you're gonna like it. we have that in the forecast also. let's go ahead and go on outside right now. we have clear skies and we're even able to see this evening the 77% moon. you can see the glow, the shine of the moon on the bay waters, which are relatively flat. we topped off at 76 degrees. fairfield, low 70's. and san jose tonight. dipping down between 48 and 55. we will see some areas of patchy fog developing right around the seashore and into the north bay valleys. otherwise, sunny and warmer. and you can coun
them this intel jeps. there is another issue here. i have to undergo full field fbi investigation when i went into the nixon white house. they went back to your college that. full field investigation, results went straight to the white house chief of staff. few if the cia investigated its own new director and did not discover this affair in afghanistan, they ought to all be fired. and if they did discover this who, did they send the report to? did the white house know -- did they say, okay, he had a problem, he had an affair, don't worry about it, it's over? that -- >> greta: katherine says have you to report it immediately to the intel committees on capitol hill with such a high rank in national security. >> all right. that raises the question, did the cia investigation of petraeus miss this affair? because you have to -- a general over there, that's all over the place. he an affair -- it's all over the place. >> greta: i suspect it was talked about over there. i suspect. i don't think -- probably, those things are not usually a big secret. >> they are not a big secret. my guess is th
and east shore freeway. >>> we have breaking news just in from silicon valley long time ceo of intel, the santa clara company making chips has announced that he will step down in may. that and he's been ceo of intel for quite a long time. recently, the company has struggled as chip-making demand has fallen worldwide. the company is struggling, he's stepping down in may, seeking a replacement now. >>> also new, just released study shows more teenagers are using muscle enhancing products to get an edge in sports. one in three teenaged boys using protein powders to build muscle mass, 6% admit to using steroids, among girls 21% use protein powders and shakes. >>> will he or won't he? new information on whether 9ers quarterback smith will be starting tonight. >>> naughty and nice. michael finney has consumer reports list of companies offering best customer service in time for the holidays and >>> welcome back. more sunshine than over the weekend, temperatures mild once again today, low to mid 60s, upper 50s to near 60 at the coast. next couple of days, changes are coming back, a little br
exchange. one of those options we heard dealt with intel, nicole. nicole: we heard a whole lot of things. we don't know what really gave them the pop. let's start off with the facts. $2.35. closing at 5% on the day. trading the highest. some ideas were that maybe it would sell some patterns, and outright sale of the company. those are a couple of ideas i heard floating around. we will see whether or not of some of these come to fruition. what is interesting is even that 235, the high of the day today, that is nowhere near the annual high of 835. advanced micro's got a pop because of the strategic options being pursued with jpmorgan, but we will be following this one over the next couple of days. david: thank you, nicole. president obama starting a series of meetings on the nation's critical fiscal concerns. the first round with leaders supporting a stance a higher tax and spending priorities, so if any progress being made at all? rich edson with the very latest. >> we're getting closer, but this is silly stage they're laying off the options where they're willing to go. there were labor l
copper rising on that. back over to you, michelle. >> thank you. >>> keeping an eye on tech giant intel today after it is announced its ceo is retiring. he's stepping down in the spring. the stock right now is lower by not even .5%. $20.10 a share. >>> jon fortt covers technology, already looking at the short list. >> first we've got to take a look at intel's general situation and then take a look at some of the ceo candidates. take a look at what intel's challenges are, mainly mobility. smartphones and tab pletlets. they've fallen behind in that arena. they not only need to build in more wireless features on their mobile chips, also get low power capabilities into those, and not only that, tablets. you look at microsoft's new surface tablets, it has ane individuan nvidia chip, not intel. if you want to continue along intel's current path but maybe execute a little bit faster you go with these guys. if you want more of an engineering strategy, maybe switch the strategy up a bit, rene james runs sof wear and dadi perlmutter. intel is such a special organization, so many secrets, so uniqu
. >>. what is next for ama john? and changes at intel to tell you about. >> hi, john. >> hey there, yes. change is coming to intel. the ceo says that he will retire in may. he has been ceo since 2005 and worked at the company roughly four decades, interyet hit a hit of -- bit of a rough patch. now there is speculation focusing on the c operating officer. that has been the traditional route for intel. most were coos before taking the top job. in a statement intel says it's going to consider internal and external candidates. today is the fifth birthday of the amazon kindel, the product that revolutionized the e book industry. one question, would amazon consider opening brick and mortar stores? something and you're not 9= not bringing a value to society. and by the way, business results aren't good for that, either. so we want to do something that is uniquely amazon. if we can find that idea we'd love to open physical stores. >> also saying consumers don't want gadgets they want services, that is why amazon is focused on building it's amazon live library. >> we've heard about retailers mov
. [applause] now, my question is about intel pros in the bay area. i regret that i haven't read your book yet, although i certainly will. as a point of person privilege in a bay, i was looking at co-intel documents, i was on the cuba committee, but there were copies distributed to other files, and one of the files i remember -- i've not been able to rotate it since -- was a file on the bay area institute which interested me because i helped found that institute with -- [inaudible] there were only four of us in it, we were all academics, it led to the position of the pacific news service which is now new american media. but i remember there were quite a few stories of people who penetrated the anti-war movement in berkeley specifically, whether it was berkeley police or who knows. so could you tell something about co-intel pros in your book, if they exist? >> yeah. co-intel pro was a secret program that hoover started in the 1950s in response to a u.s. supreme court decision. the u.s. supreme court had reversed the convictions of communist party leaders on the ground that it wasn't illegal jus
otellini, ceo of intel, one of our door stopper stocks, he's leaving in may and that was announced earlier this morning. tell me, has the stock bounced at all? >> that's a big deal for intel, which is down 17% this year, we're not really seeing much here on the stock, but don't forget the, he's been with the company over 40 years, okay? but we've talked about demand and we have talked about tech and the group overall is under pressure and intel has certainly been a part of that. >> by the way, intel is not yet opened, i believe it's halted, and that's why we showed it on the air in a second and $20 a share. i guess it's to let the news get out that mr. otellini is leaving, i guess that's going on here. we'll bring you an opening quote as soon as we have it. the dow is straight up. 100 points higher in the first, what would that be, 102, and that puts us back in almost 12-7 on the dow and there are no unions in wal-mart, but a small group of workers trying to change that. wal-mart faces a walkout on black friday, because their employees want to unionize, some of them that is. that would hur
it immediately to the intel committee with such a high rank in national security. >> i mean -- that raises the question -- did the cia investigation interest petraeus miss this affair? because you have an affair like that, a general in bagram or somewhere -- that's all over the place. if you had an affair with an eob, it's all over the building. >> greta: i suspect it was talked about over there. i don't think it was -- probably, usually, they are not a big secret. >> they are not a big secret. exactly. my guess is that the people who got the information said, okay, he had knowa affair. eisenhower had one, macarthur had one -- >> greta: that's what everyone keeps saying. i think we have gone to a different point -- >> all right. let me -- >> greta: everyone was upset when the secret service had a prostitute before the president arrived. i have a list of senator who is say they were scandalized by the security of the president of the united states in columbus. >> general patton had a number of affairs. are you going to fire the general? >> greta: no -- >> what i am saying -- look, look -- i
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to go. major power grab in egypt. susan rice blames the intel community. the anti-muslim video that we talk, he will speak for the first time. the foreign policy roundup is next. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: bold move thursday, egypt newly elected president mohammed morsi granted himself sweeping powellers to give him oversight of any kind and says it's necessary to push through much-needed reforms but they responded with violent protests. this is something that is controversial. people say we have opineed the arab spring but the democracy is thrown aside. >> eric: mohammed morsi before the peace treaty or the cease-fire they came to agree on, before it seemed like he was going to side with hamas, with the palestinians. somehow he came through and came through, first of all, the most important thing he did is declared that the egypt israeli peace treaty or treaty in effect and strong. that really told the world that egypt is going to continue to be a good ally. he is getting pushback from his people because he declared himself the czar or pharaoh or whatever once in power. but for me, egypt is
shopping center. a fly over ramp is scheduled to be complete by next summer. >> intell has launched a new more powerful chip that uses less energy. the new chip offers twice the power but uses 8% less energy while in use. intel says the chip is more reliable. the new product release didn't seem to help their stock. shares actually slipped today to close just under $21 per share. >> the santa clara district attorney's office is warning people to beware of superstorm sannie relief scams. the solicitor will pressure the donor for a cash donation and won't explain exactly how that money will be used. they claim they're working for well known charities. >>> the white house announced the president will travel to new york next thursday to tour damaged areas on the east coast. the president is scheduled to meet with affected families, local officials and first responders. >> a little bit of everything. record heat, hail, rain, win, now it's cold weather. cold overnight lows. even the daytime highs. we still have some showers out there. these working their way down along the peninsula on the west
systems. as well as pick up an intel processing role. what are some of the missions that are going to be going into the guard and what are some of the missions that are going to be shed from the guard? >> the first one and i think maybe the most important mission is the cyber mission. when you think about the skill and expertise that already exists in the air national guard, that primarily because 70% of our folks work for civilian companies i a lot of them in the computer. i. t. industry. we already have some great cyber warriors that we need to capitalize on that relationship. keep them in the air guard. capture some of those active duty folks that decide to transfer off of active duty and take some of the high paying cyber jobs. so i think the cyber world offers great opportunities for the air national guard. when we get into some of the more traditional missions, what we -- what we try to stay away from are the ones that are constantly high operational tempo although we want to stay involved in some of those because the goal is to participate in all the missions of the united s
it would be a great time to be in the chips. but you would be wrong. chipmakers intel,&and m amd ands have warned investors. apple may sell a lot of devices but the chips inside your iphone are developed through an english company called arm leaving remaining companies to wrestle for scraps. marvel is eyeing television as an alternate market, a smart tv. the company recently announced a deal with lenovo. weili dei is the first and only co-founder of a chip company and studied computer science at cal berkeley and the first and only woman to give an engineering address. joining us from "forbes." you have to find things to put your chips in. you're running out of things, aren't you? >> well, the exciting piece is we are moving into the new era o of digital lifestyle. >> are the chips that run the digital lifestyle going to be marvell chips? >> i think marvell will be one of the key leaders to empower the era of digital lifestyle. we have the history of 17 years of marvell, we have invested it for a long term, from storage to communication, to mobile, to connectivity. today, our chips from clo
axis of tech. can they blame obama for their lethargy? intel flowing from 25 to 22. should obama take credit for apple's huge run? by the same token, the romney surge began when apple was in the 700s. does that mean romney is gunning for apple? seems pretty stupid if you ask me. this is about management, raw brain power and product differentiation, not politics. somehow, maybe someone can conclude that obama's been terrible for yahoo!. it dropped from 27 to 17. google is up fractionally over the last five years. again, ridiculous, irrelevant. how about retail. this is interesting because you could certainly claim that because of, say, unemployment that obama is involved with, that obama has been terrible for the consumer. when you consider jcpenney, radio shack, sears, best buy. it declined 57%, 88%, 69% respectively. but it's been the age of walmart, home depot and costco during the last four years. home depot advanced from 29 to 62. maybe the obama administration has made the consumer schizophrenic. or much more likely, perhaps walmart, home depot and costco are just better run, esp
intel person might be compromised? >> juan: i don't think it's the line of authority. what you heard from bret baier he didn't know details. if you called me up and said hey, juan, it's dana. i want to till you something going on. and i said tell me what is going on? you would haven't that information. all you know as the chief law enforcement office, attorney general, f.b.i., because of the sibling rivalry that exists between the f.b.i. and c.i.a. is making sure that you know they are doing this and they are saying we have no evidence of any criminal finding at this point. but we want you to know we are doing this. okay. let me know what you find next. >> dana: congress is supposed to exercise the oversight authority, they're not happy either. including democrat senator dianne feinstein who spoke yesterday on this. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. this is something that could have had an effect on national security. we should havee is a way to do . to inform the chair and vice chairman of both committees. >> dana: she is right. they want to get to the
. intel is the biggest chipmaker in the world. intel stock hitting new 52 week lows today. again all of this kind of crossing side by side. what could traders be thinking? potentially would intel be interested in amd? we can't tell you that but we can tell you how the stocks are doing. amd has about 2 billion dollars in dealt and obligations on the books right now -- in debt and obligations on the books right now. so obviously we're going to continue to follow both stocks. try and get some confirmation. at this point reuters reporting that there is no comment from jpmorgan chase. no comment from amd. fox business will continue to follow the story for you. >>> president obama is meeting with labor leaders and ceos this week to discuss a solution for the impending fiscal cliff. so if the country avoids that cliff, how do you profit from it? internal optimist keith banks, president at u.s. trust joins me now in a fox business exclusive with several sector ideas that you think are maybe turning around now, going to turn around, you are really watching the sectors overall >> we are. our f
that apple is exploring ways to replace intel processors with a version that is like apple's mobile technology. they are working on a chip design that could create a more seemless experience between all of their devices. right now many iphone and ipad apps don't work on intel based macs. no comment from apple or intel. apple sold a new record of 3 million ipads since friday when it introduced the mini. it starts at $329. also today apple is losing its domination in the tablet market. apple's share dropped from 65% to just over 50% according to a report. >>> netflix is moving to protect itself against a hostile takeover. they adopted a rights plan, a poison pill. it makes it difficult, impossible for someone to take over without an agreement from the board. and when it is triggered additional shares flood the market and make it too expensive for takeover. he disclosed he bought a 10% stake in the video company. >>> the city of antioch hit a snag in its plan to an exa remote area. 678 acres of industrial land. it is where they are building a new power plant. it draw attention in 2009
interesting. in which she gave the best understanding of the intel provided to her. provided to her. the intel. she said the video. the question is, the followup question should have been jonathan carl should have said you know what? provided by whom? who gave her the intel to say it's the video, it's five days later? blame the video? that was the followup question. >> kimberly: casey, were you surprised of the stam staunch support? he sees her as the secretary of state replacing hillary clinton. >> payback time. she went out and the president said, the u.n. ambassador had nothing to with benghazi. why send her out, then? she is the u.n. ambassador. no responsibility for securing the embassies, intelligence about the al-qaeda or terrorism. no responsibility for u.s. marine guard. why put her out there in first place? the next day i checked to see where was the secretary of state or secretary of defense. head of the c.i.a. white house counter terrorism director. they were all in town. they just didn't go to testify before the five television shows. why did she do it? she was trying out for what
this morning is that there's a change in intel. what is going on there? >> if it was a shake up it would happen overnight. what happened was the ceo of intel was leading six months from now. he probably did not want to go but they told him he needed to. that will happen in six months. intel needs to call ceo of apple and say we will do anything we can to be in your products. we will give you money. he needs to make that step. they have had five ceos and five years. they have had a tough year and the market and it with a similar >> their chips opposed to large ships-they have the product line? can they be a big player? >> they have to redesign their software configurations. they have the software to get where they want to. when you cannot get into apple and it is in your own backyard... they have the ability they just can't get an. >> let's talk about the big picture, markets in general. we keep talking about the fiscal clef. --cliff is a still a front burner issue? it can we? >> every day we get into wall street and the senator says that organ get this done. we're not going to get this done. it
and carry on the brand. >>> and this just in. the ceo of santa clara based intel paul ottolini plans to retire in may. he plans to help with the leadership transition. he has been with the company for 40 years and is only its fifth ceo. >>> a bizarre fight is caught on tape after a milwaukee police officer says he responded to a man chasing cars with a squirt gun. a witness recorded this video of the officer and the clown in a brawl. the clown is a fixture outside the city's government building and considered a community activist. >> the officer reached for him and then all of a sudden the next thing you know they are on the ground punching each other. >> police wouldn't go on camera but they said the clown resisted arrest. [ laughter ] >> in this video -- i'm glad neither was injured. >> thank you. >>> it's 6:20. the raiders took on the high- flying saints. could they pull off an upset? >> we shall see. plus, the warriors taking on the thunder. whose triple-double helped their team to a big win coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, happiness located? who owns it? who keeps it? if we fall down; i
just into our newsroom right now. intel has announced that ceo paul plans to retire in may. the stock is now halted this morning on the news. that is typical procedure when there is a big management change like that for ceo imparticular. i want to check in on the stalk. right now it looks like it will open higher. by the way he received his bachelors degree in economics from the university of san francisco and masters from cal. again he's retiring from intel. >>> twinkies and other hostess snacks could survive the liquidation. hostess brands will be in court asking permission to sell its assets and go out of business. other baking companies are likely to be in the way. >>> you're still here. >> so are you. >> it was another super natural opening weekend for the twilight franchise breaking dawn part 2 too took in $141 million. lincoln, wreck it ralph, and flight round out the top five. >>> a controversial new plan to produce the number of inmates in california jails shocking details on the ktvu special report this may effect your families safety. >>> plus the 2013 class of road scholar
of that kind of service. i will not commit to anything intel i am sure that there is a need. >> mrs. vilsack, you heard this -- special population groups? >> gov. ray brought the southeast asian families here and we had a good way to make them part of the community. churches were working with the families. at the state level -- we created iowa centers that helped with these issues to fill the buffer. this is an interesting idea. i don't know exactly how you'd move it forward, but it is interesting to contemplate. >> mr. king, are you planning to sue -- you said you wanted to sue president obama over the change in policy that young people would not be deported. >> he violated the constitution like gov. vilsack, he cannot do that with memorandum, and this was bogging people down. >> where do you stand on that? >> in the process? there are plaintiffs who won't come on until after the election. i will hold the suit up until after the election and we will get the suit filed. >> the answer is -- we wouldn't have this issue if congress had done their job. one branch doesn't work well and another st
intel committee. about what he heard from general petraeus and all of those intel leaders that he sat down yesterday. here is part of that. megyn: i want to start with general petraeus. his testimony before you this morning, he now says that he and the cia knew this was terrorism from the beginning. >> general petraeus said when he came on friday, september 14, he had been said that he thought was a terrorist attack and the cia have believed back then said there were different streams coming in, but they definitely believe it was a terrorist attack. i have a great regard for general petraeus. i have a very different recollection of what he told us on september 14. he barely mentioned terrorism at that time. he deemphasized them. he emphasized the video. he emphasized the spontaneous demonstration and as far as it goes, he minimizes it totally. also, on the talking points which came from the cia, the famous talking points that supposedly susan rice relied upon, they said that it specifically mentioned al qaeda and al qaeda was involved in the attack. this whole process, which i believe
as this happened? week before september 11 we reported that president obama did not show up to intel meetings. he wasn't attending the intel briefings. this happens the next day. four americans dead the next day. the reason we are getting conflicting stories now they have to hide that he did something -- >> bob: wherever the president of the united states goes, eric, wherever he goes or he is he gets the intelligence briefings. you don't have to be in the white house to get an intelligence briefing. every day the president where he is gets -- >> eric: all i'm saying, daa can speak to this, if you are in the room -- wherever, the oval office, if it's in oval office isn't there likely more information brought out? >> dana: it gives you a chance to ask questions. but every president has its own style. >> andrea: a lot of lefties are saying this is a private matter, the affair. they're saying don't pay attention to, which isn't a good thing. if someone landed from space to look at all of this, they are looking at the american military, one of the highest regarded organizations in the united states. t
admitted in his press conference, the white house sent her out with the best intel we had at the time. no twasn't the best intel. the best intel we had at the time was that it was al qaeda. but that was removed. >> we spoke with leader kantor about the sex scandal, the benghazi attack and the fiscal cliff. nice to see you. >> news to be with you, greta. >> this benghazi mess -- for lack of a better word, would you be in favor a select committee, instead of having several commits in the -- committees in the house and the senate, having one streamlined select committee and investigate and get to the bottom of this? >> i know that i -- are i have met with our speaker and they are talking about it. i am for what is best in terms of making sure the american people get the bottom line on what has happened. what's so frustrating about the benghazi situation is that the administration's story has just changed almost daily. and when you think about it, take a step back, you know, our ambassador died -- others died here. this is so beyond politics. this is about our national security. this is a
also talk to man who dedicated his career to the finding the phonies. finding the phonies. >> intel says goodbye >> navy seals long been regarded as hero of course and deservedly so but since they took down osama bin laden last year the number of people posing as navy seals has really soared. we track down one such imposter and tonight dan has a story he first broke last night on 7 news at 11:00. >>reporter: members of the navy special operation force the seals launch a daring nighttime raid killing osama bin laden. they rescue a ship captain from somali pirates killing 3 of them with simultaneous head shots fired from goat boat. such exploit add to the legend of the navy seals but also have sparked a surge in the number of imposters. >> make no mistake seals are the no. 1 targeted group in this country for imposters. everybody is a navy seal. >>reporter: he's a real retired navy seal who runs a training camp in virginia. prep course for young man plan to go become seals and for others who just want to test themselves. but he has also made it his life mission to expose the pho
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